Printable Indoor Magnets

Create something that will stick around. Whether it’s a promotional calendar, or your business card - magnets draw attention every day. Select from hundreds of quality design ideas offered by The UPS Store or upload your existing design.

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Magnetic Customer Retention

Need more than 15 seconds of fame? Do you want the phone call that cements a lifetime relationship with a prospective customer? If you answered yes, then you are like most business professionals who are looking for ways to leave a lasting impression their personal contact information or sales promotions with their prospective clients and not too far out of reach and mind. We like to call this, "magnetic customer retention," and we also like applying magnets to just about anything that can stick to a metal surface. Business card magnets, calendar magnets, promotional magnets and save the date magnets are just a few types out of the hundreds of refrigerator magnets that The UPS Store prints everyday.

To ensure printing accuracy. Download one of the templates below for your design project.
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